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His Robes for Mine

Words by Chris Anderson
Tune: HIS ROBES FOR MINE by Greg Habegger
Key signature: D major (2 sharps)
Time signature: 4/4
Meter: with Refain
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1. His robes for mine: O wonderful exchange! Clothed in my sin, Christ suffered ’neath God’s rage. Draped in His righteousness, I’m justified. In Christ I live, for in my place He died.
Refrain: I cling to Christ, and marvel at the cost: Jesus forsaken, God estranged from God. Bought by such love, my life is not my own. My praise— my all— shall be for Christ alone.
2. His robes for mine: what cause have I for dread? God’s daunting Law Christ mastered in my stead. Faultless I stand, with righteous works not mine, Saved by my Lord’s vicarious death and life.
3. His robes for mine: God’s justice is appeased. Jesus is crushed, and thus the Father’s pleased. Christ drank God’s wrath on sin, then cried, “’Tis done!” Sin’s wage is paid; propitiation won.
4. His robes for mine: such anguish none can know. Christ, God’s beloved, condemned as though His foe. He, as though I, accursed and left alone; I, as though He, embraced and welcomed home!