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Oh, Say, but I'm Glad

Words by James P. Sullivan (1876-1948), 1930
Tune: SULLIVAN by Mildred Sullivan Lacour (1916-2010), 1930
Key signature: D major (2 sharps)
Time signature: 6/8
Meter: Irregular
Public Domain
1. There is a song in my heart today, Something I never had; Jesus has taken my sins away, Oh, say, but I’m glad.
Refrain: Oh, say, but I’m glad, I’m glad, Oh, say, but I’m glad; Jesus has come and my cup’s overrun, Oh, say, but I’m glad.
2. Wonderful, marvelous love He brings, Into a heart that’s sad; Through darkest tunnels the soul just sings, Oh, say, but I’m glad.
3. We have a fellowship rich and sweet, Tongues can never relate; Abiding in Him, the soul’s Retreat— Oh, say, but it’s great.
4. Won’t you come to Him with all your care, Weary and worn and sad? You, too, will sing as His love you share, Oh, say, but I’m glad.