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Thanksgiving Carol

Words by Eleanor Farjeon, are based on "Der Tag der ist so freudenreich." Latin words are from the 15th century.
Tune by Geoffrey Shaw (German, 15th century). According to Reimann, the melody was from the 15th century at the latest. Set by J. S. Bach in the 18th century.
Key signature: G major
Public Domain
1. Fields of corn, give up your ears, Now your ears are heavy, Wheat and oats and barleyspears, All your harvest-levy. Where your sheaves of plenty lean, Men once more the grain shall glean Of the Ever-Living, God the Lord will bless the field, Bringing in its autumn yield Gladly to Thanksgiving.
2. Vines, send in your bunch of grapes, Now the bunch is clustered, Be your gold and purple shapes Round the altar mustered. Where the hanging bunches shine Men once more shall taste the wine Of the EverLiving, God the Lord will bless the root, Bringing in its autumn fruit Gladly to Thanksgiving.
3. Garden, give your brightest flowers, Hedge, your wildest bring in, Turn the churches into bowers Little birds shall sing in. Where the children sing their glee Men once more the Flower shall see Of the EverLiving, God the Lord will bless the throng, Lifting up its autumn song Gladly to Thanksgiving.