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The Father Looks on Me

Words by Chris Anderson
Tune: RAVINEWOOD by Rebekah Anderson
Key signature: C major
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1. The Father looks on me and sees Not what I was or am; He views the righteousness of Christ, And not my cursed sin. The Father looks and pities me; He knows that I am dust. He treats me not as I deserve, but as though I were just.
2. The Father looks on me and gives A loaf and not a stone. He showers me with perfect gifts, For all my needs are known. The Father looks on me with love— A child He’s welcomed home. He found an orphan, poor and soiled, yet claimed me as His own
3. The Father looks for me with hope, For me, His wayward son. I stand afar, detained by shame; He cries for joy and runs! The Father looks on me and smile For it is Christ He sees; “This is my own beloved son, In whom I am well pleased.”