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Go Tell It on the Mountain

Words by John W. Work, Jr., 1907
Tune: GO TELL IT, African American Spiritual
Key signature: G major (1 sharp)
Time signature: 4/4
Meter: Refrain
Public Domain
Organ Performance at Hymns Without Words
Chords are available in the PDF and in small-print modes
Refrain: Go, tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere; Go, tell it on the mountain, That Jesus Christ is born.
1. While shepherds kept their watching O’er silent flocks by night Behold throughout the heavens There shone a holy light.
2. The shepherds feared and trembled, When lo! above the earth, Rang out the angels chorus That hailed the Savior’s birth.
3. Down in a lowly manger Our humble Christ was born And God sent us salvation That blessed Christmas morn.
Alternate stanzas: 1. When I was a seeker, I sought both night and day; I asked the Lord to help me, And He showed me the way.
2. He made me a watchman, Upon the city wall; And if I am a Christian, I am the least of all.